Funding opportunities for innovation and internationalizationFacilitated Finance through Innovation and Internationalization Grants: An Engine for Business Development

Facilitated finance through grants for innovation and internationalization is a valuable means for companies aiming to enhance their growth, promote innovation, and enter new markets. These grants, promoted by public entities, financial institutions, and international organizations, offer financial resources and strategic support for research projects, technological development, and international expansion.

Innovation and internationalization grants are initiatives aimed at supporting companies in implementing innovative projects and expanding beyond national borders. These grants provide access to subsidized financing, grants, and tax incentives, enabling companies to carry out research, technological development, and international promotion projects.

Advantages of Facilitated Finance through Grants
1. Access to Advantageous Financing
Companies can access financing on more favorable terms than market conditions, reducing the financial burden of projects.
2. Innovative Growth
Grants promote innovation projects, allowing companies to develop advanced products, services, or processes.
3. Facilitated Internationalization
Financial resources and support from grants facilitate international expansion, supporting marketing activities, participation in fairs, and adaptation to the needs of foreign markets.
4. Networking and Training
Grants often include training and mentoring programs, allowing companies to acquire skills and connect with industry experts.
5. Lower Financial Risk
Facilitated finance reduces the financial risk associated with innovation and internationalization projects.

Facilitated finance through grants for innovation and internationalization is an essential vehicle for promoting the growth and innovation of businesses. Through these opportunities, companies can obtain financial resources and strategic support to realize ambitious projects and open new horizons. Delving into the topic of this facilitated finance is essential to maximize funding opportunities, develop competitive proposals, and achieve business goals with a solid financial foundation.

Our services in SUPPORT for GRANTS include:

  • Maximizing Opportunities:
    In-depth understanding of available grants allows companies to identify funding opportunities most suitable for their goals and projects.
  • Selection of Competitive Projects:
    Knowing the requirements and expectations of grants helps companies develop competitive and convincing proposals.
  • Resource Optimization:
    In-depth exploration allows companies to focus resources on the most relevant grants for their industry and projects.
  • Support in Funding Applications:
    Detailed understanding of grants facilitates the preparation and submission of funding applications, increasing the chances of success. 
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Some grants
followed by PAROLIN.Legal

•   Voucher Digital Manager Grant
•   Tocc Cultural And Creative Businesses Grant
•   Internationalization Grant – Temporary Export Manager
•   Internationalization Grant – New E-Commerce Portal
•   Internationalization Grant - International Fairs And Missions
•   Internationalization Grant – Foreign Market Entry
•   Voucher 3i – Patenting Grant
•   Smart&Start Italia Grant
•   Guarantee Fund 
•   Capital Raising Through Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

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